Winter Park Masonic Lodge No. 239

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Ancient Free and Accepted Masonry or, more commonly known, Freemasonry is the world’s oldest and largest fraternity, with brothers of every nationality, religion, and station. Most people remember an uncle, grandfather, or even their own father grabbing their apron and ring and heading out to the local meetings. Through the years it has been speculated and accused of being a variety of different things, from a religion to a charity, at its heart it is a brotherhood of men.

Masons do not subscribe to any specific religion or political leaning, nor do we attempt to influence them; instead we follow the simple tenets of brotherly love, relief of the distressed, and truth. By joining Masonry, we are presented with the opportunity to meet with outstanding men of all walks of life and connect with them in hopes of improving ourselves, and our communities.

Masonry does not take bad men and attempt to reform them, as a fraternity we take men who live their lives with honor and integrity; and who wish to improve themselves, their communities and their fellow man.