A Lightening Strike

Tom SwongerI want to take a minute to post about how overwhelming proud I am of our Lodge, more especially Chris Chag, Luke Leonard, Chet Tokar, Spencer Mun Jone, Mike Griffin, Chester A King, and the 2018 officers. We got the lodge and dining hall set up on Friday night and we were prepared for a routine St. John’s Day. It was anything but routine. It appears that we took a lightening strike on Friday night and only half of the building had partial power, not to mention the egg disaster, we lost 20 lbs of eggs just hours before breakfast was to be served. Just as it appeared that that St John’s day would be scuttled, the power company arrived early to get the power back and the doors of Publics opened so we could get the eggs needed to feed well over 100 masons. Cooler heads prevailed and the day was saved to rave reviews from the Grand Master and line.

I personally want to thank all the brothers that did what they do best and made our Lodge a shining example of how we can best work, together as friends and brothers. You all are reason that I love our Fraternity. Thank you and God Bless.

Thomas Swonger
Worshipful Master
Winter Park Lodge #239

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