Traveling Gavel went to Pine Castle Lodge

We had an excellent meeting last night (Feb 25th).

The Director of Second Harvest Food Bank gave us a lecture on how they work and showed their appreciation for our donations during the last Saint Johns Day Breakfast. We started right away our new campaign to collect food and money for our next Saint Johns Day Breakfast in June.

M.W.’. William (Wild Bill) Thomas spoke about memorization and gave us an example on how to memorize the rituals. It was a great Masonic Education.

Pine Castle Lodge was present with 17 members and got the Traveling Gavel, although with some resistance from our Worshipful Master Chet Tokar !

After the meeting we went celebrate our Irish Rite at Gator’s Docside, as always.

Here are some photos:

Second Harvest  Traveling Gavel  Traveling Gavel  Traveling GavelIrish Rite

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